Our Favorite Websites

Amistad International:  Amistad International, a non profit public 501(c) (3), empowers indigenous communities to develop sustainable skills and knowledge needed for sustenance of life, promotion of health and preservation of cultural identity. Toward that end, Amistad International empowers community leaders, social workers and teachers, helping them develop community-initiated programs for clean water, food security, sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise, health care, housing, schools, and consciousness raising.

Kilili Self-Help:  Kilili Self Help Project supports the work of trained and certified Kenyan community workers who teach farmers the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method of organic farming and soil fertility management. To date, more than 60,000 families are using these simple, ecological methods to achieve food security and economic self-reliance. Family health improves. Highly productive GROW BIOINTENSIVE gardens provide extra crops to sell.Often, children can go to school for the first time. The average cost of training for each farmer is $5.

Manor House Agricultural Centre:  Since 1984, Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC) has provided training and certification in sustainable agriculture, organic farming methods, and ecological farm systems for small-scale farmers at our Kitale, Kenya, campus.

Alice Erickson Consulting:  If you're looking for a business or personal website, dynamic or static pages, with or without e-commerce, visit our pages here to see what we can offer as solutions for any or all of these.

Dasja Dolan Creative Photography & Design:  Specializing in family portraits, special events and architecture. Also specializing in graphic design for websites ( and collateral material for professional and personal use. Visit to view samples from the portfolio.