High School Training Program and Improved Transportation

Junior Achievement/Kenya

This year in partnership with Y.A.R.D. and Junior Achievement/Kenya, will offer scholarship students the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial training program in conjunction with their high school curriculum.

The program teaches basic business principles including supply and demand, target demographics, marketing and how to write a basic business plan.

Each semester five (5) $100 micro-grants will be awarded to the top business plans with recipients using the seed capital to start their own business.

A Van for Y.A.R.D.

Anyone who has traveled off the main Kenyan highways knows how difficult the dirt roads are to negotiate. Peppered with giant potholes, these rural roads make getting to a destination an arduous process requiring time, energy and planning. Most Kenyans either walk or ride bicycles.

New van New van!

This year, with the help of Amistad International, EWH of Germany,, and Travel Connections/Kenya, Y.A.R.D. has purchased a van for transportation.

The van provides freedom and flexibility for the administration of the many valuable community outreach programs that Y.A.R.D. offers which include in-home counseling, training and development programs as well as transportation for the elderly and terminally ill.